Thursday, June 13, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5th, 2013...

a friend of mine posted this on their facebook page a few days ago.

I love it.

ridiculously insignificant.

ginormously vital.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

so...hi.  Happy New Year!

I can't stand the idea of not posting something.  it makes me feel all ookie and unfinished...something missing. 

All I Need

lucky for me...I stumbled across something that made me giggle with glee! This is absolutely blissful! I can't even begin to relay how much I love "The Jerk" so to find this quirky little song inspired by the movie...Hullooooooooo! double bliss.

(the blog's already here...and things I love are always out there for me to I'm going to do this again...maybe not every single day...but! it would be a huge shame for my sweet little blog to just sit here, unattended. so I will post when it fancies me. and today...I felt...fancied.)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 366...

It's kind of bittersweet to be at the last post. kind of odd. kind of thrilling.

A big thank you to all of you who followed and read, encouraged, commented, emailed or otherwise messaged me through TIL...and a special thank you to Stephan Cox, for your most amazing cheerleading and faith in me! I'm ready for my next project to begin.

2013...I think you're going to be a very creative year.  

to close the year...the 2012 version of the blog that really started it all...(Thank you, Tanya Geisler)

Things I Love in 400 words...the 2012 edition:

my wonderful baby boy, aged 16 years, who makes me smile, laugh and beam with absolute glee at his wit, brilliance and all-around awesomeness…glittering snow on the ground, as though sequins were thrown atop a pristine, white billowing blanket…shockingly bright, nearly blinding winter moon peeking through bare tree branches…gentle reminders of my strength and resilience; my ability to bounce back; land on my feet…a really awesome dream that bounces around in my head and lingers all day -  making me smile…Orange. the colour. the fruit. the blossom…my favourite pair of jeans. comfortable. perfectly worn out…the blissful look on my sweet Stella’s face when she turns her little kitty head up and leans against my arm to fall asleep…my wonderful handful of books I am content to read over and over again…reasons to celebrate…Honeycomb Calcite… the giant windows at my office, where I can watch the snow fall and swirl; makes me feel like I am standing inside a snow globe… Tazo vanilla apricot tea…Port Aransas, Texas…eggnog lattes…lemon zest cheesecake swirled with apricot puree…friends who “know” when I need a hug…Layer Cake Shiraz…a long-awaited sneeze…writing, photography, creativity…the scent of lilac…Moroccan Rose essential oil…spending the whole day in my pajamas (every now and then) just because I can, just because I have nothing I have to do, and just because, sometimes, a day in the pj’s is exactly what is needed to rejuvenate oneself… homemade vanilla made with Maker’s Mark, Madagascar vanilla beans – and patience…a long walk on a crispy cold day…black-eyed peas (I have a ridiculous, perhaps obsessive, love for them)…standing at the bow of a ferry, pushing across the Puget Sound, cold wind whipping past my ears, hair flying in all directions, eyes closed, breathing deep, until my ears hurt and I have to go inside (I will stay outside for longer than I can stand, simply because this is one of my favourite things in the whole big wide world!)…life-long friends…winter coats – I’m a wee bit fanatical, perhaps – I have too many, and not nearly enough…Zanna, my tattoo artist, who is so incredibly talented and amazing, and who is happy to put the needle to my skin when I am craving some needle therapy…Rice Crispies with bananas…wind farms; majestically beautiful ultramodern sentinels; graceful behemoths…every one of my precious, wonderful friends and family; I’m the luckiest girl in the world…the kind of bliss that seems to bubble up from inside…

Happy New Year, friends! Have a lovely 2013. Thank you. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 365...

I love making people laugh.  especially when laughter is far, far away and doesn't want to be seen.

It is one of my favourite things in the whole big wide world to be able to make someone smile, chuckle, guffaw...during a time when it's hard to find the funny. a tense moment, a sad moment, or a feeling like crap me, those are the moments we most need a smile...

a joke...a pun...a ridiculous song...a hilarious dance...I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself if I know it's going to give someone a much needed giggle. 

The thing that's really awesome...there are a few people out there who are fantastic enough to do the same for me...and that just makes me feel supremely happy...and loved. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 364...

My Squish received this pendant as a gift several years ago...I have yet to find one like it. I absolutely love it and it appears to be completely original...Un-duplicated.