Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 222...




Took the day and went to Bernheim Forest and then drove back through several small Kentucky towns...

This is part of the canopy walk structure. creeps me out to go out there, because it's 75 feet above the forest floor, and the walkway kind of sways and wobbles a bit, but I finally did it.  8.9.12 keg.

The termites had a good lunch. 8.9.12. keg

baby mushroom. 8.9.12. keg

grows up to be this. 8.9.12 keg

8.9.12 keg

spiked something. 8.9.12 keg

another spiked something. 8.9.12 keg

and a spiked flower. looks like fireworks! 8.9.12 keg

Patrick Dougherty - Snake Hollow. 8.9.12 keg

8.9.12 keg
8.9.12 keg
8.9.12 keg

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