Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 244...

Confessions. à la Brittany, Herself.

#1 - I think Sam Elliott is still one of the sexiest men walking the planet.

#2 - I get super antsy every 6-12 months and want to move somewhere new. Sometimes, I combat this urge by rearranging my furniture. sometimes I move.

#3 - sneezing almost always makes me giggle

#4 - I've never read some of the books I own. not to say that I won't, but I have several I purchased years ago and still have not read. that said, I have several books which I read at least once a year or so.

#5 - when I was young (after reading Lisa Bright and Dark and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden) I desperately wanted to spend time in an asylum. completely unrelated, I also desperately wanted to be Catholic. It's possible there is something really wrong with me...I still fantasize about a delicious padded room. but I'd also be just as happy if I just had a velcro wall.

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