Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 240...

Things - people/places - I love...A-Z - or...a few of my favourite things: (some of these may be repeats...that just means I really, really love them!)

A ~ Absinthe. yummy!
B ~ Books & Baobab Trees.
C ~ Cello. Coffee! Chai tea.
D ~ Dark chocolate.
E ~ Elephants!
F ~ Fall (crunchy leaves and crisp air.)
G ~ Gorillas.
H ~ Honey...fresh from the bees.
I ~ Ice skating.
J ~ Jello with half n half. yum!
K ~ Kuchen. 
L ~ Louisville.
M ~ my mama.
N ~ North Cascades Highway. Nazook.
O ~ Orangutans (what? I like the primates.)
P ~ Pacific Ocean. Poetry.
Q ~ Queen (specifically, Freddie Mercury.)
R ~ Riley!
S ~ Snakes. Sea Grass. Swing sets! 
T ~ Texas.
U ~ Under garments (the fancy kind.)
V ~ Violin.
W ~ Washington. words. writing. wine.
X ~ X is a tough one. I don't think I have one for X.
Y ~ Yellow. the colour, not the song.
Z ~ zucchini.

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