Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 247...

As I was getting on the freeway this evening, I noticed a grasshopper on my windshield.

I begged the little guy to jump off while I was still on the the clover leaf, and therefore, travelling slower.

He didn't.

Once on the freeway, I was convinced that he was about to be blown off the windshield any second. It was a very stressful drive. I was ridiculously concerned about the fate of this bug...and I really don't care much for bugs.

My eyes kept going to the road. Back to the bug. The road. The bug. There were several breath holding moments when I thought for sure he was about to lose his hold...

But he kept hanging on.

12 miles later...down the exit ramp to the stop light...the grasshopper still there...I congratulated the little guy for hanging on. He jumped off at the stop light.

I named him Bruce Lee.  Until my fella told me that it was actually David Carradine's character in "Kung Fu" who was called Grasshopper. Sigh. How should I know...I never watched any of those shows...I always thought it was Bruce Lee who was called Grasshopper. 

I'm still naming him Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee the valiant little green bug.

I kinda dig the lesson. Thanks, Bruce Lee.

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  1. I like your blog. :) And, FYI, although I just became an official follower, i've been reading it all along.