Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 257...

I've been feeling creatively constipated for a long time now. like all my words have been trapped behind some stupid barricade I can't get around or break through.

It's been frustrating. to say the least.

I've been processing a lot of grief this year...and what I learned today, after spending hours writing a few lines, putting my notebook away, coming back to it, reading what I wrote, editing, writing a bit more, putting it away again...repeat repeat repeat...what I learned is that anger is ridiculously easy to write about...but grief. grief is a bit more elusive.

today, I finally broke through. and wrote the first of many pieces that have been bouncing around in fragments within me.

it is both cathartic and heartbreaking to visit those look at them head-on and put them on paper.

but it is better to be writing than not. because I don't feel "normal" when I'm not writing.

1 comment:

  1. You are spot on about grief and putting words together that speak it out truthfully and honestly. It's its own room. With walls that come and go and fold. I'm sorry for your grief... xoxo