Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 107 - I love...Mallomars. and Lori.

so...about a week ago I got a mad craving for Mallomars.

My friend Lori's husband, Stephan, posted something about Better Cheddars on his Facebook page...which made me think about Mallomars...and I freaked right out.

Lori, being the amazing creature she is, quickly messaged me and told me to send her my address and she would send me Mallomars. because they are in New York. and they can get them. because Mallomars are really a New York thing. East Coast thing.

(I found them in Kentucky a few times many, many years ago on a spastic fluke.

I've never seen them since.

I stroll the grocery store aisles staring longingly at the Nabisco section...silently begging the Nabisco gods to send Mallomars once again.)

Lori messaged me a day later...she had to find my cookies in Connecticut.

When I arrived home from work tonight. sitting in the foyer was a nifty little parcel. I squealed. "Mallomars! There's more than one box in there!"

~grin~ She sent me two boxes of cookies! and a copy of her most recent novel "The Dirt," which she tried to send to me months ago, but it somehow got lost and redistributed and wound up in the hands of the younger sister of a fella we went to high school with. weird, but funny.  funnystrange, really.  which is perfect, because that's Lori's blog. (if you haven't checked it out, you should. now.)

so tonight. I am enjoying my cookies. my glorious marshmallow-y, dark chocolate-y, cookies. all the way from Connecticut.

yes, the box is open. I am enjoying my delicious cookies.

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