Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 119/Day 120 - love...the Hoppman's

I had every intention of posting yesterday - but I didn't get it done before I went to work at the track. then there was a severe thunderstorm rolling through, which delayed the races. and we didn't get out of there til much later than expected. by the time I got home at 1:30am, I had a quick bite to eat and promptly went to bed.

I'm just posting a two-fer today. apologies to my loyal daily readers, but I can hardly muster the strength to type one post...much less, two.

Friday afternoon I received the most amazing news and gift from my little brother, Hoppy. (not blood related, Hoppy is the man who married my best friend, and he is very much a brother to me. He's family, just as Kaci is.)

Kaci and Hoppy will be transferring from Minot, ND to Little Rock, AR in June.

Kaci hates driving.

Hoppy decided this move might require a Karen-and-Kaci road trip. so we worked out the dates, I took the time off, and Hoppy purchased airline tickets for me to Minot and from Little Rock.

I get to spend nearly 5 WHOLE DAYS with my Kaci!

Hoppy might just be one of the very best people in the world.


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