Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day ninety-four - I love...Texas Country/Red Dirt Music

When I first moved to Texas in 2003, the first person I met was Kaci.

we were instant friends.

Kaci, born and raised Texan, is a huge Texas Country fan. and one day she said, "Cross Canadian Ragweed is at the expo center Friday. wanna go?"

I was a little reluctant, but said yes.

It was...the...best...time!

We proceeded to go to every Cross Canadian Ragweed, Kevin Fowler, Pat Green, Roger Creager concert that came through Abilene for the next several years.

we had a reputation as the girls with the best cooler at the expo center...people would come to find us, because we usually loaded it up with jello shots, and a variety of liquors and mixers.

it was a fun time spent with great friends and great music.

lately, I've been a bit nostalgic for my beloved Texas...so I've been listening to my collection of Texas Country.

and today, I discovered that Cody Canada and The Departed are playing in Lexington tomorrow evening.

so we're going.

and I'm super excited.

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