Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 359...

It's hard not to miss my family right now.  My baby boy...out in Seattle. my mama, sister and beautiful Texas. My youngest Utah. 

It's hard to be away from family this time of year.  Not only because of the holidays and traditions, blah blah blah...but because it is my mama's birthday on Christmas day, and it always feels a wee bit weird to not spend it with her, even though there have been several birthdays spent apart in the past many years since moving out, moving away, moving nearer, and far-er...away.

Tonight, my mother and most of my darling family is gathered in Amarillo for birthday/holiday celebration...and my mama just texted me to let me know that my niece is making Banoffee Pie. my recipe. for my mama's birthday. 

This made me smile. and cry. and feel a big wave of love wash over me...all the way from Texas.

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