Monday, February 27, 2012

Day fifty-eight - I love...Astronomy

It was in 7th grade science class that I first discovered how amazing the universe is.

I desperately wanted to be an astronaut or astronomer or both from the first moment I learned that not all stars are stars.

I have been obsessed with the unfathomable wonder of distance, and light years; pulsars, quasars, nebula. Galaxies.

New space discoveries make my insides all wobbly and giddy.

I get ridiculously excited when I get the chance to talk to a fellow space geek. my hands get a bit more animated, my eyes get really wide, my voice gets a little bit louder.

space excites me! it thrills me! it amazes me.

seriously, if I had the chance to get on a rocket and fly off to the moon, or mars, or...anywhere...I'd pack my bags and go!

I'll send you a postcard. from Venus. or the Andromeda Galaxy. or Betelgeuse.

p.s.  there are currently five planets visible to the naked eye. Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  tonight, I was able to see all but frakkin' cool!

Two of my favourite space photos - Hubble deep field and The Sombrero Galaxy

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