Monday, February 20, 2012

Day fifty-one - I love...misspelled signs

There are a lot of them.

One of my favourites ever...ever ever...was spotted by my Midget about 7 or 8 years ago.

While running errands one afternoon she noticed a hand-made sign posted to a telephone pole which read: "Lost black poodle." "But," she said, "it's spelled puddle!"

By the time I called my mother to share the story of this poor little lost rainy puddle, I was in hysterics and she could hardly understand me.

It's something we still laugh about today.

This has truly been a game of ours since I was young - noticing funny misspellings on signage. There have been many phone calls and laughs over the silly things we've read.

I still text my mom when I find these mistakes. and yesterday, while driving back and forth between the apartment we were moving out of, and the apartment we were moving to...we passed a business with a printed sign out front which read: Apparell shop.

two "L's"

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