Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day fifty-five - I love...Shannanigan

it's super late for me, and wayyyy past my bedtime, but I just got home from an evening in Lexington.

I first met Shannan when she was 13 and I was 17. and her brother was trying to duct tape my eyebrows.

Several years later, Shannan and I are still friends. and her brother and I are parents to one of the coolest kids on the planet, who (ironically perhaps?) loves to create things out of duct tape. sigh. apple. tree.

So Shannan was in Lex for the past few weeks for work. I had planned to get out to see her earlier - but the last few weeks proved a bit crazy with work schedules and moving, so I didn't get out there til tonight.

there's something wonderful about sharing time and space with someone who has known you for more than half your life. someone you've been up and down so many roads with, and shared so many memories with, that it truly is like coming home.

now if she would just move here.

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