Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day eighty-five - I love...these boys

I woke up around 2am and noticed my phone longest bff had sent me a text.

of this:

That's my favourite person there, with the dark curly hair. My handsome young man. My baby (who is closing in on 16!) Riley.

He and the fabulous Odie-O are doing some sort of figuring...not sure what...but it's precious and adorable to me.  There are several pictures like this, Ri reading a book to O when he was a baby. Ri tickle-torturing O. They are great friends. cousins, though not by blood.

We, the mama's, have known one another since age 3. She has always been "Auntie" to my boy, and the first time she referred to me as "Auntie Karen" to O, I melted a bit.

I love these boys. I love this sweet photo. 

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