Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day sixty-six - I love...four seasons

One of my personal favourites from my poetry collection Three Thousand Doors:

Four Seasons

I should take the time to
go back to California in the spring...
the orange groves
full of intoxicating 
citrus blossoms
the air laced
with warm promise.

I should make a point to
be in Washington in autumn...
walk through the orchards
at picking time, 
the heady scent of apples
hanging in the air like ornaments.

I should go back to
New Orleans in the summer...
Sultry mists form a steamy shawl
wrapped 'round my arms, 
and warm wind settles in
among the swamps, 
hangs softly; drips
like Spanish moss.

I should be in Kentucky
in the winter...
where snowflakes fat as fists
fall softly from the sky
creating mounds of white divinity
to be razed by tentative footprints.