Monday, March 19, 2012

Day seventy-nine - I love...bursting blossoms

yes...more spring stuff.

I have been watching the tulips in my yard for weeks now. 

the leaves have been taunting me...

and this morning...two buds! two little buds just inching toward the sunlight.

one of the things that has been so intriguing is the simple surprise of them. we just moved in about a month we didn't plant anything.  didn't even know there were tulips hiding under the ground.

once I saw the leaves coming up I started getting excited.  we have tulips! 

but the colour was still an excruciating anticipation.

this afternoon...the first one began to open!

I told her I was proud of her. 

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  1. Spring bulbs are on my list for the 23rd! You're way ahead of us in the season though; my narcissus only just teasing the ground. L-O-V-E your photos. xo