Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day seventy - I love...ideas. creativity. desire.

I just celebrated my 39th birthday.

I'm not one of those women who freaks out and refuses to tell my age. it's mine. why not share it.

but this post really has nothing to do with my birthday, it has to do with the 39 years I've been walking, living, laughing, loving, breathing, creating, inspiring, desiring...on this earth.

In thirty-nine years...well, let's say 36...because my first real memory is from age in the 36 years of memory...I have met only a small handful of people who have said to me...

they desire nothing.

they desire nothing, in the way that they don't dream big. they have no aspirations. no inspiration. no dreams of something bigger, better, more fantastic for their lives. no ambition.

This makes me so sad.

I have always been a dreamer. a thinker. an idea-er. it's not to say that I haven't had muddling days here and there. some that last longer than just a day. writer's block. lack of inspiration.

but even on my darkest days...there is always the slightest glimmer of the next idea, the next desire, the next creation.

I can't fathom not wanting anything. I can't imagine not having dreams. I can't imagine not being creative.

and it's a bit like a dagger to my heart to hear another human being say...I've never had big dreams. I've never really even had small dreams. I have no ambition to move forward.

and so while it makes me sad that there would be humans who don't have any goals, dreams, aspirations...I am happy that is not my lot.

and I would hope...that something would inspire those who do not dream...and give them that ambition.

because a life without creativity and dreams, seems...just a little bit lonely to me.

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