Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day eighty-seven - I love...laughing and giggling

My friend Kathi and I used to giggle so much that our boss would walk down the hall to our office, and quietly shut the door, because our laughter would echo all the way down the hall and to the other end of the building. 

A few years ago, on a visit to Seattle, Kathi presented me with a little box of gifts. she was chuckling as she brought it to me. and as I opened it and withdrew the first prezzie, I started to laugh too.  It was a rectangular block of wood with one word on it:


Kathi and I have had a kazajillion laughs together. Anna too. the three of us together form our own little circle of laughter. like a big laughter bubble that surrounds the us. Even when things get serious, Kathi, Anna and I have always been able to find a way to laugh at the sad, the frustrating, the painful. Laughter IS the best medicine. Many an afternoon resulted in sore ribs from so much laughter...tears streaming down our cheeks...

The "Giggle" block is on my book shelf in my living room. I see it every day. it makes me smile. and it reminds me of all the funny moments I have shared with my lovely friends. My Giggle block is a bit magical to me - conjuring up a different memory each time I look at it. like little sprinkles of pixie dust. 

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