Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day sixty-four - I love...unpacking

My home is nearly all settled now.

I unpacked all but one box yesterday, a box of can wait until Monday. 

It looks like a home. instead of a storage unit.

This is huge, as I spent the last eight months with several things still boxed up and pushed against a wall in the second bedroom at the dungeon. (the dungeon is how I refer to the crap basement apartment we moved into last July.)

I still have a bunch of things stored in Texas...and I hope to get there soon to retrieve all those goodies, but for now...everything is unpacked, has a place, and feels comfortable and home-ish to me.

Unpacking boxes is like opening gifts on Christmas. Little surprises. "ooh I forgot I had that" moments.

It's quite happy-making.

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