Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 126 - I love...fireflies

aka: lightning bugs.

so, this post is a day late, because...I was completely exhausted last night and couldn't get my brain to function on a proper writing level.

I spent Friday and Saturday working a Mint Julep and Lily bar at the Kentucky Oaks and Derby. wowza! about 14 hours on Friday and about 15 on Saturday. it was exhausting, long hours slinging thousands of drinks, but it was a good time, spent with good people.

The 138th Run for the Roses. RED roses. (see how I did that? tied in the red? yay.)

There was a fella who came to our booth at one point during the day, who new EVERY SINGLE Derby winner. we quizzed him on several. even chose a few from the 1800's. and he got every one of them correct! it was pretty damn impressive.

I got home around 9:00 last night, sat down on the porch with a cigarette and a beer and breathed a sigh of relief.

As I was sitting there, I saw a little flash in the yard. "firefly!"

The first one I've seen this year.

Fireflies are truly one of the coolest bugs I've ever seen in my life. They have light up asses! hello! awesome bug...its ass lights up!

Pretty groovy if you ask me.

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  1. You were at the Derby, how cool! We would love to go someday! I love love love fireflies too. Sadly, we don't have them here. This post made me laugh--twice! xoxo