Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 139 - I love...concerts

so this is a day late.

because yesterday afternoon, spur of the moment, my friend Beanie invited me to go with her to see Citizen Cope at Churchill Downs.

I love outdoor concerts. To me, there is nothing better than sitting under the stars listening to music.

We got to the track in time to see the last two races. and I bet on a horse in the last race. Marvin. who was so ridiculously cute and Marvin-like...I absolutely had to bet on him.

He was a total long shot. and he came in 6th. but I don't care. it made me happy to cheer him on. Go MARVIN!

and I have no way to tie RED into this! except maybe the fact that I was drinking Budweiser. which has a red label.

The concert was great. the company was awesome. I learned a teeny tiny bit about horses and had a much-needed night to relax.

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