Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129 - I love...Raggedy Ann

When I was little - maybe four years old - I remember getting really angry one day, running to my room, grabbing my Raggedy Ann doll and biting the crap out of her arm.

and then I felt terribly guilty, apologised to my doll, gave her numerous kisses and placed a band-aid on her arm...which is still there to this day.

There is a sweet nostalgia in seeing a Raggedy Ann. A trip down a lane of memories...to days that were full of dancing, singing, tea parties, catching bumble bees, tasting the pollen of clover flowers...

Raggedy Ann...with her little RED checkered dress, and her red yarn hair. She is a reminder of the simplicity of childhood bliss.

Recently, while browsing an antique market, I stumbled upon this and insisted my sweetheart snag a photo...

hello...she has my name!

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