Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141 - I love...simplicity

Simple things make me happy.

For example, yesterday I needed brown sugar. I was at Wal-Mart Neighborhood market picking up a couple of things that I can't get at Trader Joe's. All Wal-Mart carries is Domino sugars. I'm a C&H girl. (I'm singing the jingle to myself right now - because I'm also a jingles girl. I remember wayyyyy too many jingles. Monchichi anyone?)

So...I'm at WM, staring at the Domino brown sugar and I just can't bring myself to buy it. I kind of whispered to myself "I wish TJ's had brown sugar." and then thought, oh well, I'll just use turbinado in my recipe.

fast forward to Trader Joe's. I'm grabbing a couple items for dinner - Cremini's, butter lettuce, chicken, ravioli, marinara, strawberry preserves, and...wait! what!? is that...brown sugar!

I almost screamed!

checking out, the cashier says the standard, "did you find everything?" to which I reply, "yes. I was particularly thrilled to find brown sugar!" he said, "yah, that's kind of been hit or miss. I'm glad you found it."

he may or may not have understood the pure joy of finding brown sugar...but it pretty much made my day.

and now, I can make banana bread. yay! everyone wins.


and now, for another little piece of simplicity.

my Tacky RED lamp. 

it's really the lampshade I love. but it only looks good on the tacky plastic stand. I tried it with another lamp, which has a beautiful silver base, and it just looked ridiculous. like, dog riding a bicycle ridiculous. so I put it back where it belongs.

My tacky red lamp

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