Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134 - I love...baking

I received my Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas several years ago.

It was the only thing I wanted. The only thing on my list.

Specifically, a RED Kitchen Aid mixer.

I love baking.

Baking relaxes me. It's therapeutic. I make up recipes, and tweak recipes to make them my own.

People always say I should open a bakery. And perhaps one day, that's exactly what I will do, but for now, baking is my escape from the daily grind. It is my creative outlet when writing and photography are playing hide-and-seek.

Yep. even when my pen is being stubborn and refusing to channel the stars, even when my eye refuses to fascinate through my camera lens...I can always step into my kitchen and start working a little magic in the realm of my personal bakery.

The kitchen witch in me rarely fails.

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