Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 147 - I love...roadtrip part 3

Saturday was another early start.

I hugged my sweet friend goodbye, (our "visit" was much too brief - between her work schedule and our tight schedule - we hardly managed to see each other) and my sweetheart and I headed off to DFW.

After a brief stop for lunch and visit with my darling Gaby, we cleared out my sweetheart's storage unit (with the help of his Daddy and the trailer) and headed down to his parent's house to sort.

Trash pile. Goodwill pile. Keep now pile. and Keep for later pile.

He left the final packing to me...y'all would be amazed at my ability to tetris an incredible amount of stuff into my vehicle. 

My sweetie's Mama cooked a fabulous country home food meal of meatloaf, mac 'n' cheese, okra, hashbrown potato salad and fresh-picked, shelled black eyed peas! (I am completely obsessed with black eyed peas...and these were the absolute BEST ever!) There was a chocolate trifle with bright RED strawberries for desert.  

I've been craving the stars lately, and since we were way out in the country, as soon as it was dark enough we took a blanket out on the lawn and watched the stars - satellites easing their way between them - a big fat smile on my face.

the roadtrip continues tomorrow...

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