Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day fifteen - I love...Inspiration

The inspiration for this daily project came from Stephan Cox, who decided to run a creative marathon in 2011 in an effort to jump-start his creativity and push his creative boundaries. I followed the Thing a Day Project nearly religiously, looked forward to every post this creative man would make, even got pulled into the race with a collaboration or two.

It was his project that made me first consider doing a daily project of my own, even as I battled through the almost overwhelming fear of committing to something that big. (well...coupled with the fact that he straight up said "Karen, you're doing this in 2012!" to which I replied, "I'd love to! but maybe I'll just do thing a week, or thing a month." but I knew that it was all or nothing. thing a week or thing a month was a cop-out. it was me finding excuses and if I was going to do this challenge, I was going to have to go for the whole gigantic enchilada.)

The second part of the inspiration for this daily came from Tanya Geisler when she posted this blog, which prompted me to post this one to my weekly writing prompt. and as 2012 crept closer, a little light went off in me head...and the project started coming together. of course, I procrastinated. I considered turfing the whole idea.

and then Stephan posted his final TAD on December 31st. And when I saw my name, a small voice said "do it, Karen." so I hurried over to blogger to get this thing rolling, took a deep breath, and got ready to run!

And the absolutely amazing thing? to me at least...I'm doing it! I'm sitting at my computer every day and posting something. It's not just a challenge of my level of commitment, it is a challenge to me as a writer - I've never been a write every day girl (and I totally should be!) It challenges me to look for the good in each day, to find something beautiful or happy-making.'s totally worth it!


  1. I could not be more pleased by this. As you say, Thing a Day was initially about pushing myself past my comfort zone, and it absolutely did, but a part of me continued to hope that what I was doing might move someone else to do the same. And it couldn't please me more that that person was you! Go go go! I've got your back.