Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day twenty-four - I love...Ferry Boats

One of my most favourite, most wonderful, happy-making things to do...is ride the ferry boat.

It's been the same routine since I was a little girl.

As soon as I'm on the boat I run up the stairs, throw open the heavy doors, race to the back of the boat and watch as we pull away from the dock. Because I have to see the daiquiri ice!

Allow me to explain...when I was little I was allergic to ice cream, but I could have sherbets and ices, so when my mother would take me to Baskin Robbins, I always ordered Daiquiri Ice.  It was my favourite.

It was when I was about 6 or 7 years old that I looked at the water churned up by the boat pulling away, and exclaimed to my mother "Mama! look! it's like Daiquiri Ice!"

And it just stuck.

Daiquiri Ice!

The second part of my ferry boat routine, once we've pulled away from the dock and the boat is done churning up all that lovely sea-foamy water, I high-tail it to the other end of the boat and stand at the front with the wind whipping past my ears until the cold makes me crawl back inside.

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