Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day twelve - I love...The Bloggess

In the summer of 2011 I stumbled across this fantastical little gem of absolute brilliance.

and then I promptly forgot about it.

a few weeks ago, my friend Carey and I were talking blogs, and she said, "have you read the one about Beyoncé, the giant metal chicken?" and I was all, "No." So she sent me a link, and I squealed with delight and said "Ohmygawd! I HAVE read this one! I laughed my ass off!"

And this is when my fast and furious love of Jenny Lawson burst into existence, like a freakin' solar flare, y'all. I have been reading her blog from the very beginning - sometimes giggling or guffawing, sometimes crying.

She is raw and uncensored; clever, witty, fearless, amazing. and I just absolutely love her! It makes me kind of wish I still lived in Texas so I could email her and invite her to coffee. or wine.

Jenny, you had me at knock-knock.

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  1. She says what we all WISH we could say! That giant metal chicken post went viral, and her popularity has soared. Did you read "the hardest post I ever had to write" from Jan 2? Killer good stuff. Like you said, raw and uncensored.