Monday, January 9, 2012

Day nine - I love...Blue October

They're "my band." You know, the one you see in concert every chance you get, the one that speaks to you clearly, the one you blast at full volume.

Blue October. lyrics. sound. voice. VIOLIN!!!

I love them. I love Justin Furstenfeld's ability to put his life into song. pain. anguish. anxiety. bright moments. He is honest and brutal in his music...and to me, that is astounding and beautiful. poetry through music.

One of my favourite songs has always been "Inner Glow." I've loved it since the first moment I heard it, but this past weekend, it really reached out to me when I was having a bad day. Feeling frustrated. sad. and a little discombobulated. It was an excellent reminder to me...when I'm down, I don't stay down long, and I am in charge! 

...In a haze the beginning of your days
Gonna fall down
Got to get back up but at your own pace
Got to fill your cup and find the way out of your own maze...

...I'm on your side if you fail at least you tried
To keep your aching celebrating wonder making heart alive
and pride don't keep it all inside
Don't keep your aching celebrating wonder making heart alone
Write your own song...

Oh yah...I'm writing my song...

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