Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day twenty-one - I love...the perfect reaction

I like a good reaction.

whether hysterical laughter, shock, whimsy, or the ever wonderful uttering of the word "fuck" at just the perfect moment.

yesterday, in a supreme moment of stress, I lost my shit a little bit. at that precise moment, my friend Beanie walked around the corner to tell me something and caught me with tears threatening to spill...

she stopped. "what?"

I said, "no. tell me what you were going to say."

so she proceeded to tell me the story. she was on the phone with her mother when the phone started cutting out. "mom. the phones breaking up."

and the phone went dead.

a few minutes later her mother called back and Beanie said "mom, I don't know what happened." her mother said, "I do. I got in the car and drove down the road...while talking to you on the house phone."

I laughed my ass off! it was the best possible funny at that moment to ease my tension a bit.

then I shared my bit of stressful news, and B let out the most amazing, beautiful, perfect utterance of the word "fuck" I think I've ever heard.

I said, "yah. you're right. fuuuuuuccccck!"

sometimes, there's just no better word to express an exact feeling. and yesterday, it really was...the perfect word.

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