Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day five - I love...Stella

My sweet, camera-shy Calico.

I had planned to post a picture of her sweet face to go along with this post, but when I got my camera in hand and turned toward Stella...she ran away...and HID under a chair!

I did not love this cat at first.

I mean, she's ridiculously sweet, and super soft and darling, but she's not my cat. She and her mama are borrowed cats. Foster cats.

I took them in for a friend of a friend who needed a place to take her cats so she wouldn't have to take them to the pound. They are older cats and she was worried they would be put down.'s not like I could let that happen.

This was back in August. Life happens, and she wasn't able to take her cats back, so I started looking for a new home for the two girls. and they started acting really weird, like they knew!

Things changed and we decided to keep them, but they needed new names - they had very ill-fitting names. Just...not good. And I know there's a big ol' superstition about re-naming cats, but I don't subscribe to superstition. So new names came.

Stella. and Gypsy (short for Gypsy Rose Lee)

Sometime in the past month or so, Stella has become MY cat. She is incredibly verbal and will start "talking" to me the minute I get home. She kneads me and gets in my face and climbs as high up on my chest as she can, but she hates to cuddle if she's not the one to initiate's very endearing, and I can't help but love her.

p.s. she let me take a picture...but she wasn't very happy about it.

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