Monday, January 16, 2012

Day sixteen - I

so the scary news of today is that my step-papa spent all day in the emergency room having tests run with the looming possibility of surgery.

the latest news is that they are admitting him and keeping him overnight for observation and re-evaluating tomorrow to see what the next step is. I guess I should be glad that the doctors are not just rushing in to cut him open, but we'd like to know what's going on. unanswered questions fuel stress and concern.

On the bright side, because of this, I've been able to talk to my family today. my mom, my sister, all three of my nieces, and a brief conversation with my pain-medicated step-papa, who I told in true daughter to papa fashion "I love you, you big asshole!" (if you knew our relationship, you would know that this is a totally normal statement.)

My mother and I usually talk at least once a week, but my nieces and sister and I have fewer conversations, and even though the circumstances were shitty and scary, it was more than wonderful to hear their voices.

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