Monday, January 2, 2012

Day two - I Love...Dan Fogelberg

It's true. 

One of my earliest memories of music touching me in a way that evoked emotion was when I first heard "Leader of the Band," by Dan Fogelberg. 

I was 8 years old. My mother and I were in the car driving home after my ice skating lessons at SnoKing Ice Arena (which according to my latest Google search, appears to have been renamed Lynnwood Ice Arena. sigh.) 

A song came on the radio. I remember listening very intently. My ears squished up against the speaker so I could hear every word. The song made me cry; it moved me. 

It still does. Every time I hear it. 

This afternoon - on my way to get coffee :) - I was flipping through the stations on my XM and caught the last few lines of Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning." As the song ended, and I prepared to punch the search button again, the first few notes of "Leader of the Band" started to play, and I smiled, and turned up the volume. I sang along, of course. I always do. My soul eased and quieted for a moment, as that voice, that music, those words, took me back in time. I pulled into the parking lot of my favourite coffee shop, and sat in my car, listening, until the song was over.

It is my first favourite song, and will always be on my list. 


  1. Whether voices, instruments, or lyrics, music has tangled with your emotion since before you were five. Two Trees, Sweetie - Your Momma

  2. Happy new year DE-LUX!!! Kudos on the new project. Love the premise and always love getting a peek at the inner workings of that mile-a-minute mind of yours.

    Hugs (and hi to Mrs Karen!!)

  3. this shall be a fun blog. I was always partial to Dan's Auld Lang Syne - he had such a wistfulness in his voice. You have good taste!
    Happy New Year!