Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day nineteen - I love...serendipity

Today it came in the form of accidental, yet apropos, latte art.

a brief explanation:

My step-papa is still in the hospital. it's been a long week of tests and waiting. waiting. waiting. it's had me a bit stressed out. and this afternoon I had a blazing headache and the first twinges of a panic attack lingering on my edges and I decided that I needed more coffee. (which is actually the last thing I need when a panic attack is threatening, but I was using Karen logic today, so...)

 I trotted down to our corner Starbucks.

I am greeted by the two sweet, smiling barista girls. I order my coffee. "triple grande two pump mocha no whip, please." SSBG1 says, "sure! we can certainly do that for you! how's your day going?" I shrugged and gave the meh face. "it's been kind of a rough week." SSBG1 gave me a precious look and said "I'm so sorry."

"thank you."

I went to wait for my coffee. grabbed a straw and a sleeve.  and I hear SSBG1 say "oh! you have to show that to her. she's had a tough day."

SSBG2 hands me my coffee without the lid. on top...the foam is in the shape of a small heart. she says "it's just the way the foam fell. I wasn't even trying to make latte art. it's accidental latte art."

this made me smile.

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  1. I find this ridiculously touching. No joke, a tear is actually rolling down my face because I can totally see your face when SSBG2 handed the latte to you and I also know the wry smile that probably ensued as a result. Sending you the biggest hugs and the best universal vibes. Hope Mrs Karen is doing ok